Summer 08
The great ‘I am’ Sayings
1. I am the bread of life…
They have had seen Jesus turn a meal for one - two fish and five loaves into a meal for the Five Thousand – with many people watching
So what is it about bread - are the ingredients important?
Why did Jesus choose bread?
If bread is the staple food – the ‘normal’ food – something everyone eats – Jesus offers himself for everyone too – rich and poor alike. Bread doesn’t stay fresh for ever and a life of faith has to be renewed regularly too.

To stay healthy we eat good food – (eg bread) – to stay spiritually healthy we need spiritual food – ie bread – symbolic in the communion service…..
2. I am the Light of the world.
What is it about light that we know?
• Torches,
• Lights on an airstrip – runway
• Candles
• Lighthouses
• Spotlights

What do all these (and other different sorts of light) do for us

Jesus spoke to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."
• He says he knows where he comes from
• He knows where he is going
Jesus is making the point that in darkness we trip over (symbolic of making a mess of our lives) – cannot see clearly (symbolic of the fact we misjudge people, situations, what people say etc) we cannot see where we are going in life (ie have no purpose)
3. I am the good Shepherd
Jesus talks a lot about shepherds sheep, gates, hired hands, wolves
Some facts
• A night the shepherds would put the sheep into a fold – and sleep across the doorway to protect his sheep.
• Shepherds in the old days (!) led their sheep – they walked first and the sheep followed.
• When they called the sheep knew the voice of shepherd in the same way a lamb knows the bleat of its mother
• Shepherds were low in the pecking order of farm people –they were often rough because of the way of life.
4. I am the True Vine
"I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener
The vine:
• Grows very rapidly in summer
• Has to be protected from unexpected frosts
• Has to be pruned hard each year to produce good fruit
• Cannot survive apart from the main plant

Jesus tells us about how we need to be part of the vine – cut of branches die, no sap gets through
• There is nothing we can do (Christian-wise) without him.
• How to life a Christian life we need to be joined, connected to the main vine but also the other branches
• A vine grows in spring and summer, fruit is picked in autumn, pruned winter
• He goes on to suggest that all love – comes from God and relationship- father and child, friend to friend can only be based on love…

Autumn 09

Children in the Old Testament
1. Isaac

Abraham & Sarah longed for a child
• They were old by the time the visitors arrived and said ‘in 9 months time’!....
• She laughed – Isaac’s name…..
• Then Abraham is tested taking Isaac up the mountain for the sacrifice
• Isaac is obedient as is his father (so we read)
• God again provides (the ram in the thicket) as Abraham proves his faith in God
2. Moses

At the end of Exodus Ch. 1 – we read the background of the story – ‘every Hebrew boy to be thrown into the Nile’
• Moses was hidden
• Pharaoh’s daughter finds him
• God has a plan for Moses even when he was little…..
3. Samuel

Hannah (his mother) went to pray Ch 1: 9 -17
• Chap 1: 19-28 – the story of his birth, Hannah’s promise to dedicate Samuel to God
• Samuel stays with Eli (temple priest) Ch 2: 11
• Chap 3 – God speaks to Samuel….he doesn’t know who is talking to him at first and Eli (after twice being woken) suggests he says ‘Speak Lord, I am listening’.

4. David
David was the youngest in the family
• He is anointed by Samuel (previous story)
• He believed God would help/save the Israelites
• He used the sling shot – not Saul’s armour and sword
• David had learnt how to look after his sheep before he was asked to do bigger things



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