Six bells are hung. Five were cast by Knight of Reading in 1683 and were recast at various times in the late 17th and early 18th centuries by Carr (Corr) of Aldbourne.

Bell-ringing is still practised keenly here. Details of Peals which have been rung are displayed in the Tower.

Inscriptions on the Bells.

Treble ADMG DD Chris et Ada Burne 1926. Mears & Stainbank, London
Second HC. FF. -CW R.COR 1724 (Henry Carter, Francis Flower, Church-wardens and Robert Carr the bell-founder).
Third Mr. Robert Longman. Mr. Michael Hedges CW-RC 98 (The CW identifies the names as Church-wardens with Robert Carr, bell-founder in 1698).
Fourth Robert Rolfe - John Harbett CW John Corr BF 1737 (BF identifies the bell-founder.)
Fifth Robert Thorngatt - Richard Holdway CW 1683
Sixth Michael Hedges - Robert Longman CW Robert Corr 1698
Tenor (12cwt in F sharp)

On the Tenor Bell is inscribed: "On earth Bells do ring. In Heaven Angels sing Halaluiah."